WiFi-controlled camera slider

I have been helping one of my friends build a WiFi-controlled camera slider. He did all the mechanical design and I implemented the electronic and software parts. The camera slider is motorized using a single NEMA-17 stepper driven by the EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver on top of an Arduino MKR1000.

Connection diagram

The electronics has been populated on a perforated prototype board.

The MKR1000 allows us to remotely control the movement of the camera slider by connecting to the MKR1000’s web interface. To access to the web interface, you’ll first need to connect to the slider’s ESSID and wait for a local IP address. Then you can connect to the control interface through and you will see something like this.

Slider Web interface

With the basic functionality working the next steps to be taken are:

  • Improve the mechanics to have less friction.
  • Improve the Control Web Interface style.


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